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INOX VILLA was founded in 1983 and, since the very beginning, it has been dealing with the resale of series 300 and 400 stainless steel.More specifically, the company has operated within the reuse of third-party surplus and second-rate by products such as the following:

  • coils
  • sheets
  • discs

The high degree of specialization reached by INOX VILLA in this sector has led to a considerable growth both in terms of revenue and market share within the niche of stock products.

INOX VILLA’s know-how and detailed offer are now consolidated at the national level.

The success achieved by the company year after year is due to a vital resource which makes the difference between a company that is subjected to the market and one that meets its demands.

This resource, which INOX VOLLA is extremely proud of, is made of its employees.

For this reason, their lifelong training is considered paramount in order to increase their competence and expertise.

The company’s main strengths:

    • prompt replies
    • round-the-clock availability
    • problem-solving skills



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